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New AF-Chip placement

The Samyang manual 14mm lens for Canon does not come with an AF-chip on it. My 5d4 does sence this lens when attached to the body.

Vintage lenses work with an adapter ring that fit between the lens and the Canon body and most come with an af-confirm chip installed on them. Now the camera knows that a lens is atached and post processing is much better as every photo gives an EXIF data within the photo. Auto focus EF and EF-S lenses give this info by default. With this EXIF information you can now automate lens correction within your lightroom/aftershot program.

So I found this version 4 af confirm chip online and decided to give it a test.

On the photo’s to you right you can see the progress. This chip comes with a plastic guid. One end of this guide slots in a small closed hole near to your red lens dot on the right hand side. This chip comes with the proper hight for this Samyang lens mount to glue. I used Mesa Industrial 10 gram glue with only 1 drop needed. Programing instructions come with this chip so you can program F/2.8 and 14mm youself. When the chip is glue’ed correct you see an aperture of 1.4 on your canon body before you program it.

Next up will be a filter holder for this Samyang lens. I’m already working on a 3d model but I need more time.

Rain/snow cover

For my Canon 100-400Lis lens I created this fleece based cover that I treated with a water protecting washing.

I can operate the push-pull fine and I have access to the side switches to. SLR-Lounge and PetaPixel are still sharing this DIY.

AF-Chip install

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