Recent photo's

This page is all about recent photo's that I have posted to Flickr. They can range from everything and anything :)

I am going to update the photo's displayed on this page on a regular basis, but That might not always be many shots :) But probably more after a Holiday :)

Or photo's I took at or with Fotografen Collectief Eemland Where we meet once a month to talk about photography and bring to practice what we find interesting and how to get a good result in a picture while we all learn from each other.

Recent photo set

This recent photo set is about places I have been during the late winter 2018/19 and spring now in the Netherlands. Added is our trip to Morocco and still a trampoline photo at the top as our youngest reachted a Gold medal recently! I got real close to a deer that was on the frontpage of a dutch photography magazine called "Zoom" This photo I see more and on related web pages :) Soon I will follow the Hawks and kingfishers again as their breading season begins again.

Below is a new video I made of a new born hare that we found at an empty field

Hare/haas (play me)

Spring 2019

Spring 2019 is there so the weather is jumping up and down and so does the temperature still. Yet flowers begin blooming and birds tend to new or old nests.

Recently I discovered how to do HDR (High Dynamic Range) in Photography and also found Double Exposure. My 5d4 has functions for this but creating your own 5 to 7 images for HDR and process them later is a better work flow.

Working new AF-Chip and a new lens

My Samyang 14mm lens now has a new af-chip on it so the EXIF data shows that a 14mm F/2.8 lens is used. The distortion that this lens shows I can now correct with a new lens-profile I modified a bit.

On my new (Do it yourself)** DIY** page I am explaining the placement of this new Version IV Chip.

Moon was close and turned RED

In January our moon would turn red. Some photo's are with tree branches infront of the moon that was changing.

With the new peleng 8mm lens I created a startrail where I also put in the moon as a double exposre :)

Deer up close published

Canon used this deer photo first in there Instagram Feed :)

Zoom magazine a photography magazine put this photo on its front page and in an article about photographing wildlife in their September issue:)

The deer image had to be mirrored otherwise it's head would be covered by txt.

New arrival in nl 2019

Moon turned Red

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