Recent photo's

This page is all about recent photo's that I have posted to Flickr. They can range from everything and anything :)

I am going to update the photo's displayed on this page on a regular basis, but That might not always be many shots :) But probably more after a Holiday :)

Or photo's I took at or with Fotografen Collectief Eemland Where we meet once a month to talk about photography and bring to practice what we find interesting and how to get a good result in a picture while we all learn from each other.

Recent photo set

This recent photo set is about places I have been during the summer in the Netherlands. Again some Gym photos but now of the Dutch Trampoline NK where Gwyn became 9th :) I got real close to a deer that is now on the front of a dutch photography magazine called "Zoom" and I followed a Hawk nest w/o being attacked! I presume due to some new diy modifications to my camouflage net that Hawks require to allow people so near :)

Below is a new video I made of a new born hare that we found at an empty field

Hare/haas (play me)

Black Woodpecker

I heard about a small forest where these black birds have been seen.

The black woodpecker is a rather large bird that does not like to be seen by people.

But when you know their call and take a good look you can find them when the new nest build is taking place :)

I had hopes this new nest was going to be for new chicks. Sadly they only used this hole to sleep

My work was in a competition. Thanks my friends for voting!

Canon used this photo in their Instagram Feed :)

and Zoom magazine a photography magazine has to put this photo on its front page and in an article about photographing wildlife in their September issue:)

The deer image had to be mirrored otherwise it's head would be covered by txt.

Summer 2018

Black Woodpecker

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