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This page is all about recent photo's that I have posted to Flickr. They can range from everything and anything :)

I am going to update the photo's displayed on this page on a regular basis, but That might not always be many shots :) But probably more after a Holiday :)

Or photo's I took at or with Fotografen Collectief Eemland Where we meet once a month to talk about photography and bring to practice what we find interesting and how to get a good result in a picture while we all learn from each other.

This recent photo set

This recent photo set is about place I have been during fall and winter. Some Gym trampoline and some long exposures and a visit to Den Treek to watch horses jump in the Hubertus Run.

Below is a video I made of this Juvenile Kingfisher :)

Juvenile kingfisher (play me)

Hubertusjacht Den Treek

Finally we had some time to visit Den Treek while the Hubertus run was taking place.

This Hubertus run was performed by the hunting group in Hoevelaken, a town near Amersfoort. Lots of horses and dogs went by and we followed on our bikes. These are not all my photo's yet. The set you see now is the first Jump, so 2 more are coming soon :)

Den Treek is a forrest and dune area to the south of Amersfoort where lots of horse activities are taking place. This hunt is taking place yearly.

My work in a competition

Fall and Winter

Hubertus run

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