Birds big and small

Birds have captured our minds from day one in Uganda. Uganda is notorious for making you a bird enthusiast! That is what we heard while living there for 11 years.

Soon we got a better camera and the needed millimeters in lenses as we wanted to capture as much different birds as possible in our spare time.

Field Guide to the Birds of East Africa

Writen by Terry Stevenson and John Fanshawe. We soon obtained this (well used) bird book. This book covers birds that live in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. You find detailed descriptions of a bird including a map overview where they have been spotted. This book will go with me whenever we travel to East Africa.

Many of my photo’s are on the internet as many people are interested in them. Several databases on birds have them listed with my permission (A Google name search for "gipukan" will show most of them). Gipukan is my nick name on Flickr where I host my best photo's, My photo’s are in many flickr groups and some have been published like this Juvenile Bateleur that made the frontpage of a magazine for east Africa called: This magazine came out every month with a number of 8000 copies that ended up on tables in homes, restaurants, lodges and airports within East Africa. Other magazines soon followed.

Wen I bought my EOS 7d I was able to also record some video footage. On a safari trip with good friends we went in a canoe through the paparus swamps that follow the shoreline of Lake Victoria in search of a strange prehistoric looking bird. Our guide was Mr Honington who was a self taught bird expert by just learning from a Collins bird book he once received from some Dutch lawyers that came by some time ago. Honington made sure that every visitor would get to see this big bird that is called Shoebill Stork.

We saw that early morning many kingfishers, blue ducks, flycatchers and even a saddle bill stork before we paddeld into this large strange looking creature. It just stood there while we softly floated closer to it. Everyone was silent. I did not want to scare the bird with my camera clicks so I decided to video record this magnificent beast. While doing so we saw this bird make a leap into the water and catching a lungfish. The video I took was published in the UK by the BBC daily newspaper. You can see this video by clicking on it's image below, and if you ever visit Kampala the capital of Uganda with a long morning to spare. Give Honington a call Mpigi is not that far to drive.


Is using part of the above Shoebill video in a smartphone app in Google play store to use while visiting this museum called Exponat.

Safari trip planning. The first meeting we shall have

Deze vind plaats in Nederland en wel in de Dierentuin van Amersfoort. Hier kunnen we kennismaken en zien we wie we in de safari groep hebben. Niet fotograferende partners zijn uiteraard ook welkom. Neem je camera spullen dan mee omdat ik wat tips en tricks ga bespreken die we dan ook direct in de dierentuin kunnen toepassen en die nuttig kunnen zijn op safari. Welke DSLR bodies en lenzen en instellingen gaan we dan ook bekijken die nodig kunnen zijn voor het maken van mooie foto's daar in het wild.

Safari aanbieding!. Op zoek naar de Big 5

Profiteer nu van de beurs aanbieding voor 2 op de Bijzonderereizen beurs in Breda op 21 en 22 Januari 2017! Om met Caracal Safaris De Big 5 te gaan bekijken en fotograferen in het magische licht rond de evenaar.

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