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About me

Welcone to my site!

My photography started while living in Africa. Uganda to be precise.

The colors, the textures, the people, the birds, the mammels, the fruits, the markets, the insects and our family that expanded there with 2 beautiful girls. All of that made my want to capture everything not just for ourselfves but also for our famlily and friends and people interested in my work.

So on this website you will find old and new stuff. Older shots I took in Uganda, Namibia, South Africa, Etheopia, Seychelles and some more.8 years ago we moved back to the Netherlands. The scene changed and became actualy a lot darker then what we were used to in Africa. Shots during holidays will also be there from places like Iceland, France, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and some more. My 7d did all there in Africa but for here the 5d4 is far beter. Especialy in low-light.

Tag Wildlife is Mammals and stuff.

Tag Rhino is the Ziwa rhino camp where Uganda is hoping to grow more rhinos to put back in the wild.

Tag People is People in Africa, about their way of doing things but also new stuf like models I shot in the Netherlands.

Tag Brids is what got me started to dive into photography. Everyone who lives a while in Afrika will start with that first I think as I heard many who did :)

The Tag Recent is all new photography work I either do myself, in a club studio or for friends. Also holliday shots end up in here along the 4 seasons we have.

I do a lot of DIY also as photography is expencive and I will add a tab for that soon.

Tag More to see is some web sites that point you to east africa should you want to go there one day.

In Tag contact you can leave me a mesage.

So have fun with my pages!


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Mammals, insects and reptiles. and People